To refer patients please fax medical report to 012.665.1868

We offer state of the art Interventional and Electrophysiology Cardiovascular services for our patients and partner physicians. 


The center accepts all Saudi patients that need a cardiac procedure.  Such as cardiac catheterization, coronary angiography, intervention, valvulplasties, device closure of defects and cardiac surgery.

We believe in performing the procedure and returning to the referring doctor as soon as possible. 

Patient Referral

Our office hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Saturday to Wednesday. Our coordinators Hadeel Noura and Hannan will help you. 

To refer a patient please send a medical report by fax or by email.  Please include age, hemodynamic status LV function and biochemistry in the report. 

For urgent cases please call the 02.665.3000 ext 3128 to talk to our patient coordinator during work hours.  Off hours either call one of consultants directly via mobile phone 055.660.2292 or if you do not know the number then call the hospital at 02.665.3000 and ask to talk to the Cardiology Registrar on call and they will advice you